Dr M H Binet is a world renowned ski physician who is a Board Member of ISSS (International Society for skiing Safety) and Secretary-Treasurer of SITMESH (The International Society for Skiing Traumatology and Winter Sports Medicine).

This is the statement he provided about the Ski~Mojo:

The ski~mojo allows skiers with weak or damaged knees or weak leg muscles to ski longer each day and indeed will extend their ski life. Injuries or damage to the knees will lead to weaker leg muscles.
The ski~mojo does this by directly supporting some of the body weight and because of the way that this support is “sprung”, the ski~mojo also acts as a shock absorber, significantly reducing the stress and strains applied to the legs and knees.
Based on my personal experience I would recommend the ski~mojo to skiers with:

  • Arthritis of the knee
  • Recurrent swelling of the knee joint
  • Cartilage damage
  • Knee reconstruction surgery
  • Total Knee Replacement

The ski~mojo is not a brace to support the knee and hold the joint in place and consequently is not recommended as an alternative to a knee brace

However, for these skiers a ski~mojo can be used in addition to a knee brace as although it will not support the knee, it will significantly reduce the stresses and strains that the knee is subjected to and therefore should reduce the risk of further damage or injury.

The level of support given by the ski~mojo is initially based on the skiers weight. However, this can be increased or decreased based on the skiers’ individual requirements.

My personal experience of using the ski~mojo is that;

  • I find it easy to ski with
  • I Immediately feel the support given
  • I feel no pain in the muscles after a long downhill run, but I’m still short of breath…
  • I do not like to ski without it! (I have no knee or muscles damage)